Student Growth 

(7-14 % assured return - Live value)

  • You can invest minimum ₹ 5 000 (Rural areas and below  200 000/ annually) and
  • ₹ 10 000(Urban areas and above ₹ 200 000/ annually) to maximum according plan and i.e. invest upto ₹ 2400 00(Maximum limit) through this plan.​​ (Amount limit). 
  • Maximum ₹ 220 000 can be invested through student account.
  • Especially designed for students to provide then special offer periodically.
  • To support students in education with time and offering special purpose. 
  • Maximum loan you will be provided upto ₹ 100 000 only* . 
  • Interest rate+ . 
  • ID # .


Simply clickon 'Open account'. Our assistance will get in touch with you.

  • >    You can save Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly for 2 years then either you can convert your account in savings or withdraw.
    Note:-      You can't withdraw money before 2 years from any type of account .
    >          # :- You will have to submit one photo (Passport size) , Identification card and Signature through your registered email Id to
    >          + :- Interest rate will start from 6 % to .5 % increment half yearly for the savings till 7-14 % to onwards bonus on fixed plan.

  • Interest rate will vary in Fixed deposit and Saving account . 
  • Your amout will be locked minimum for two years in any plan in financial service to maximum depending on your choice
  • Saving account: You invest your money depending on your requirements and continue to same.

  • Fixed Deposit: You will have to fix as lumpsum like ₹ 30 000 at one time or whatever amount you would like according to your purpose. In Fixed amount, extra bonus depending on your amount is added every year to you + current/ live value.

  • Suppose, it's ₹ 30 000 return will be => extra bonus+ coupon (if any)+ live value of ₹ 30 000. Extra bonus is not added to saving account.
    Your amount will be locked minimum for two years in any plan in financial service to maximum depending on your choice. Maximum means you can plan your money for 3,4,5,6,... 15 years
    depending on your purpose.
    >> We assure you the
    Maximum Profit.
    > *  :- Terms and Conditions .

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