Search the excellence within

The expert in anything was once a beginner. Learning and Listening are the great tool to pursue the path of success

Purpose we share

Most of you thinks, I would have made huge changes & improvements if I had great power.
You are fortunate that you got freedom.
Let's do something worth, seek the potential inside us. Life must be beautiful & purposeful.
Life is the journey of learning and forward it for those whom you owe it.
Everything is ordinary, few humans make it magnificent by hard work something we call beauty.
Let's see what you can do! I will be there for you, I bet.

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Internship Indemnity 

Why it's exclusive

It's a kind of reward (or better say privilege) for internship participants. Depending on work performance, certain amount is added to the account of participants. Fortune can't be withdrawn before 72 months. Along with organisation, you can put your wealth for better growth (It's a choice). Your profit of investment depends on your work rather company growth. Internship indemnity is to assure your healthy financial life.
Never before, Samrat Investments- Another organisation started such initiative to secure and think of student's long-term growth within their 'Internship Program'.
First time in history of employment to enhance the potential and benefit student.
How they can utilize such benefits for their future projects.
Realize the value of investment and choice.

Unleash the Innovation and Imagination

Internship Contest​

Participate in extra activities for your personal development, better development of society and express your imagination.
Create whatever you are excellent in- Graphics, Content, design, Module, idea,imagination etc.

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