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  • Minimum 2 years saving period to long-term for finest benefits,
  • Your profit is directly proportional to the growth of company, check 'Live value' for current growth %,
  • 6-14% return is guarantee, but don't think of it because our purpose is to serve you the maximum,
  • Customize your money (plan), Budget friendly;
  • Get extra bonus yearly on Long-term plan, along with live value
Samrat Investments' financial planning is not complex, It just takes less than 3 minutes to understand.
We are different, because we care for the actual value and development, Oh,  & financial awareness also.

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General Plans and Instructions
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:: Your amout will be locked minimum for two years in any plan in financial service to maximum depending on your choice.
>Please-Read instructions carefully before investing.
> Assets/ Value:- Initial interest is 7 % and it increases / half yearly by .5 % upto 7-14 % or maximum paid amount will depend on company share distributed among all associates .
  • Piggy Valley Plan
  1. Customize your plan.​​
  2. You can invest & save your money randomly.
  3. You can fix your budget according to your choice.​
  4. Neither fix period to invest nor the fix amount.
  5. Profit of your random investments will be balanced according to fundamental growth of company policy.

  • Global Growth Plan
  1. You can invest minimum Rs 5000-(Rs. 5000-Min Rural areas& Below 200000/ annually) & 
  2. Rs 10000(Rs. 10000- Min in Urban areas & Above 200000/ annually) to maximum according plan& i.e. invest upto maximum.  (No limit)
  3. Minimum 7%-8% to Maximum(Maximum profit is proportional to growth of company).
  • Student Growth 
  1. You can invest minimum Rs 5000(Rural areas& Below 200000/ annually) and
  2. Rs 10000(Urban areas& Above 200000/ annually) to maximum according plan & i.e. invest upto Rs. 240000(Maximum limit) through this plan.​​
     (Amount limit). 

  3. Maximum loan you will be provided upto RS100000 only* . 
  4. Interest rate+ . ID # .
  • Confidential Trade
  1. You invest in any company with your choice , to buy shares of different companies or stocks.
  2.  Samrat Investments didn't cover any loss.
  3. Provides research& more facility about best stocks& shares.
  4.  We will deduct service charge, which will be applied for all stocks and shares.
  5. You will be provided loan upto RS 50000- 500000.
  6. Interest rate+ . ID#.

  • SamVan Lifetime Plan
  1. Invest your money for fix period of time like 4, 6, 9 15, 20-25 years, 50-70 years.
  2. You can save/ invest yearly, Quarterly or half yearly. You will have different benefits for each period of time which is mentioned below.
  3. You must invest minimum Rs. 240000 in whole term.
  4. 3 years: 7% + bonus to maximum(% when you are withdrawing). Until you wish to withdraw after fix period.
  5. 6 years: 13% + bonus to maximum(% when you are withdrawing). Until you wish to withdraw after fix period.
  6. 9 years: 15% + bonus to maximum(% when you are withdrawing). Until you wish to withdraw after fix period.
  7. 15 years: 20% + bonus to maximum(% when you are withdrawing). Until you wish to withdraw after fix period.
  8. Interest rate+
  9.  ID#.​
  • Freedom Venture
  1. Connects you to the local shops& business for better profits.
  2. Support you to merge business directly(where you manages business) or indirectly(Our team assist you in managing business).
  3. Chance to profit enormous but .1% loss probability if wrong choice in business.
  4. Contact our support for more.

  Example:- Abhishek invests RS 100000 with Samrat Investments, After 5 years he wants to withdraw his all wealth . He will be paid minimum 9 % of 100000 + 100000 and Bonus or if at that time the Samrat  investments interest price will be 20 % then Abhishek will get high amount i.e. 20 % of 100000 + 100000. If Abhishek's friend invests same amount of 100000 and if he want to withdraw his money after 2 years he will be paid minimum 7 % of  100000 + 100000 and if at that time Samrat Investments share/ overall interest will be 18 % then he will get 18 % of 100000 * + 100000.
> Plans:- 1) You can fix limited amount of money for limited period . 
               2) You can pay limited amount of money after limited period like pay after every 3 months , 6                                                 months , 4 months etc .
               3) Saving account:- You can deposit and withdraw money anytime .
              4) Minimum amount to open account depends on Annual salary and Conditions.
   Note:-      You can't withdraw money before 2 years from any type of account .
>          # :- You will have to submit one photo (Passport size) , Identification card and Signature through your registered email Id to
>          + :- Interest rate will start from 7 % to .5 % increment half yearly for the savings till 7-14 % to onwards bonus on fixed plan.
                 Interest rate will vary in Fixed deposit and Saving account . 
> *  :- Terms and Conditions.
Important Notice :- Customers are requested to please must enroll their CUSTOMER ID(C ID) , that is your identity as we can access your necessary details through(C ID). Your details are confidential. You will get your C ID through mail ( or We will send it at your permanent address.
         We will update you if any change for your security. Your details are confidential& Secure, We value your privacy& individuality.
         Thanks a ton!!!