About Us
We are creative artist who design better plan for you to grow your economy, reduce financial stress, experience financial freedom, lead a quality life, a hassle-free life. We create environment to nourish the investments to get more profit for your saving. To innovate and build the way of excellence for those who have hope for better future; for the child who is yet to dream, about change. To transform the things lies in nature to make better use of it every moment by doing innovative venture. To live every moment at its fullest. Creating awarness in people to use available resources and talent to make world a better place of living. ​​
" Not mere a Banker, Something beyond . "

You have just entered in Samrat’s World, We are here before to serve you

Frequently asked questions

Maybe the answer would not be enough to satisfy you but we bet you are going to love the way Samratians work for the profit of your single penny. Innovation & Improvements in our service at every moments and it's impact on society. Every single individual will puch to think of us again and again.
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    Why we need to start this company/ initiative among hundreds of banks or finance company? ?
    We have been living in the culture where most people are forced to invest money rather than creating environment& awareness where people invest to grow money/ wealth or to create other source of assets. People have to suffer because of their status in different banks. Lack of profit, innovations in economy which is lagging the nations behind.
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    What motivate us to work to grow your profit? ?
    We understand the blood, sweat, tears& commitment it takes to run a business& to earn a penny. Your success is our success too. We dream a better life for every child who breathes every now.
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    What is Samrat investments?
    Samrat Investments is a provider of financial products, funding and investment services. A positive loss Investments Company aims to empower economy& reach your profit beyond expectations by innovating the way of finance as well as investment. Samrat Investments works includes funding, private venture (Connects people to small business directly or indirectly).
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    How it works? Clients/ Investors/ Funding: - 1
    You need to get account offline or online depends on locality. Offline is possible where our support team exists, otherwise online. After applying verify your account by submitting photo, ID proof, Address proof scan. Get your C ID (say account no or customer ID).
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    How it works? Clients/ Investors/ Funding: - 2
    Choose your plan. Start investing& growing. Profit is all yours as we expect to grow always if you help us/ support us. Your profit is proportional to growth of company.
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    How to be employee here?
    You need to get account offline or online depends on modes of interview or position. After applying verify your account by submitting photo, ID proof, Address proof scan. Get your E ID (say Employee ID). Now, work is your freedom. Grow company as you can to help others in growing their assets& yours too. Office only for specific position.
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    What is minimum and maximum period of investments? ?
    You will have to secure money for minimum 2 years for any kind of accounts. Maximum depends on your choice, we suggest 8-13 years, 20-30 years, next 50-70 years for next generation heirs.
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    What is the minimum or maximum amount to invest?
    It depends on locality, plan and salary. In piggy valley plan you can start with Rs 10. Rs. 5000 in rural areas or annual salary below Rs. 200000, Rs 10000 in urban areas or salary above Rs 200000 for other saving accounts. If you want to fix your money then it depends on your choice and term& conditions.
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    Why I will never be in loss?
    As, mentioned above your minimum 6% is fix i.e. as risk by taking care of your life& trust as our esteemed clients to benefit you. You will be rich always if you invest a part of your wealth with us because every moment we work for your maximum growth. Your investment will remain positive& in profit as growth of our company.
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    Now why Samrat Investments?
    You have maximum probability to achieve highest profit you ever get because you have indirect share in company. It doesn’t matter your amount. If you buy shares from anywhere to get maximum profit then maybe you could get loss but here you are in Positive-loss zone (Means no loss at all, you can expect profit every time). Dual codes of Positive-loss & maximum profit is one of our positive services.
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    What is Positive loss zone?
    Positive Loss: Zone where you don’t need to worry about fear of loss or risk because your minimum profit will be 6%- guarantee, and maximum will be directly proportional to the growth of company. 6% is for worse case just to secure your penny& it's nourishment.
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    How my investments circulates & it's Utilization?
    Each of us wants to do well & make some changes by doing something good- Not all can be extraordinary. So, your every single penny circulates in field of agriculture, technology, infrastructure and more of innovation. In much balanced way to get you profit and value as well. Let's make you hero by doing little valuable and worth of living.
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    What is The MoneyBack Guarantee?
    Money Back, Yeah, you read well. Service is not about to put you in trap after business, it's something you need& to be served well. Within months if you think you chose wrong plan or any trobule then your amount will be refunded*. You money is yours,you have earned it. Samrat Investments don't have right to decisions on your dedication.
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    What is The Higher Profit Promise all about?
    The Higher Profit Promise means you get higher profit on savings as proportional growth of company. We assure you the 6% of least return just to secure you which is worth than loss. Our multiple & balanced investments always dedicates to get you higher profit.
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    How does investments works for new users ?
    If you completed the legal formalities like having C ID( Customer Id after account opening). Then you will have to choose a plan either according to investment requirements like Mid-term, Long-term or you can customize your plan. After above clarification you can choose any gateway to make online payments.
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    How investment my return process works?
    Firstly, you buy a plan (any) then, You can't withdraw money before minimum 2 years or more depending on plan. After 2 years you can withdraw wealth or you can convert your account into saving account where you will not need to save wealth for two years rather you can withdraw anytime and your profit will be balanced to maximum. After 2 years we provide minimum 6%- 14% return to maximum (Maximum depends on growth of company i.e live value)
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    How can I earn bonus as being user/ customer?
    1. You can use coupon code while investing which we update with time. 2. You can share your personal referral code provided by Samrat Investments during account opening. You earn up to Rs. 500 while sharing referrals . Amount depends on how much invested by user during account opening. If user don't open account, unfortunately you get Rs. 0.
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    What Is Piggy Valley?
    Piggy Valley is one of service which is totally customizable as your choice and availability. Let you experience the Freedom. Get higher profit of your saving and investment. You can save your money according to your earning and depending on your requirements.
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    What "% Today values Invest" mean?
    Suppose, you see 46% today's / live value- Means if you withdraw your wealth/ money today then you will get that much interest of your wealth for mid-term plan (2 years), after your tenure. It varies with growth of company. Long term plan (Same profit along with bonus every year)
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    Purpose of business?
    Economic development Wealth Management Financial strength& awareness. Get you higher profit on your earning. Provide service worth of experience. To bring innovation in financial empowerment.
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    How freedom venture works?
    We connect service provider to investor for the mutual profit. Any service provider who serve better quality can ask for us for investment. Open account. Our assistance will get in touch with you.


Samrat Investments is a provider of financial products, funding and investment services.Samrat Investments is BFSs as well as NBFSs system- financial Investment company. Samrat Investments initially acts as NBFSs then after two years your account(except fix) converts into BFSs automatically where you can transact. The interest rates provided by company continues from initial phase of membership(Account opening). Samrat Investments is a credit union (savings) company dedicated to make a little bit Improvement, Transformation & Change in financial organisation where millions of people suffers everyday in previous method of Banking, Investments as well as Finance company . 
Samrat Investments is a new model of banking which includes saving as well as as investments at a time.The motto of Samrat Investments is to make transaction easily accessible, more profitable and to reach every corner& People. Samrat Investments is investments company because of we add the profit of company to your account as indirect share(Say shareholders) as if its interest rates(company) is higher than variables or minimum fixed interest rates (It says you will get maximum profit i.e. your maximum profit is proportional to growth of company.)